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Great Way To Help Wilson County United Way





I serve on the board of United Way of Wilson County and want to let everyone know about the new license plates and how you can contribute to a great cause. “Wilson County, The Place To Be” license plates are now being sold, and purchasing one of these plates also gives you the opportunity to contribute to Wilson County United Way. The cost of the license plate is $35. You do not have to wait until your renewal to get one of these plates.

Here is how it works. Purchase one of the license plates and 50% of the $35 fee will come back to Wilson County as a donation to Wilson County United Way. You’ll have a cool looking plate for your car or truck to show your community pride and you’ll be contributing to a great cause.

Just click on this link – Wilson County, The Place To Be license plates. This is a very easy way to do your part for Wilson County United Way.

Empower Day Camp With Taylor

I am a sponsor for Empower Day Camp which is a summer for special needs kids.  It’s actually called the Summer Swinefest. My 7 year old daughter Taylor goes to it, and that’s her in the picture. It was Saturday night at College Hills Church of Christ in Lebanon. Great event. Continue Reading