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How To Keep Your Homeowners Policy Up-To-Date










One of the big mistakes homeowners make is not keeping their home insurance information up-to-date. You need to have an accurate inventory of all your possessions to make sure you get paid in case of a total loss of your property. That is the only way to insure you get paid for all your losses.

Use your video camera to take short videos around your home showing your most valuable possessions. And store them on a DVD.  Take pictures of everything in your home to document your possessions. Clear pictures of jewelry, firearms, music instruments, televisions, etc. can go a long way when it comes time to collect from a major loss of property.

Keep a file of receipts from major purchases around your home. For example, if you just purchased a new home entertainment system, take pictures, videotape the system, and store the receipts in a file for this purchase.

Also, if anything changes, you should notify your local insurance agent to let them know. This applies to anything you sell or anything you buy. And make sure you document this also.

Keep all your videotaped DVDs, pictures, and written (or typed) list in a safe deposit box at your bank or in a fire proof container in your home. The ideal scenario is to have this information in both places.

Doing all these things will not only give you peace of mind. It will also assure prompt payment from your insurance company when a catastrophe strikes. Give us a call today at 615-453-9702 to discuss your policy and to make sure you have the appropriate documentation for all your possessions.

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