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Farm Bureau Member Benefits







One of the things that lot of people don’t know about Farm Bureau Insurance is the benefit of being a member of Farm Bureau. The annual membership is only $25 and provides you with a lot of perks. Here are just a few of the things covered by your membership:

  • Free tax service. This is something a lot of people have taken advantage of in the past.
  • Discounts on hotels, car rental. And discounts to Dollywood and the Biltmore.
  • You receive a quarterly Farm & Home Magazine.

As you can see, you are not just getting insurance. You are part of a wonderful organization that provides other benefits across the state and in your local community. There are a couple of ways Farm Bureau promotes agriculture in your local community.

For example, did you know Farm Bureau sponsors a program called “Ag In The Classroom” that provides teachers with materials to teach kids about agriculture. There is also an annual event at the Wilson County Fairgrounds that is attended by over 1000 second graders from across Wilson County called Ag Farm/City Day. This is a great event because it allows children who have not been exposed to where food comes from or exposed to what happens on a farm can get a first-hand look at how agriculture works in their community.

So, in addition to getting top-rated insurance coverage, you are benefiting and contributing to your community when you are a member of Farm Bureau while getting a few perks for yourself in the process.

Tips For Teen Drivers

              Here are a few tips for young drivers to be aware of: Research has shown that the most dangerous hours of the day for young drivers are from 9:00pm – midnight. Also, two hours after school is out has shown to be a high-risk time of day. So… Continue Reading