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Auto Safety Tips

It’s amazing how easy life can be if we just adhere to a few common sense rules when it comes to driving our car. For example, don’t drink and drive.

Here are a few more:


  • Don’t drive when you are distracted. We have a lot of “devices” with us when we drive now – smart phone, tablet, GPS, radio, CD player, etc. All of these things can cause a distraction. And it only takes a few seconds for a crash to occur. When you get in your car, turn off your phone.
  • Always wear your seat belt. Even if you’re just going a mile down the road, wear your seat belt.
  • Don’t drive when you’re sleepy. Get a room if your on the road or pull into a local market just to get out of the car and walk around.
  • Don’t tailgate. With all the people experiencing road rage, this just adds to the aggravation that a lot of drivers are feeling just dealing with their daily commute in heavy traffic.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained. Simple things like tire pressure can make a difference in how the car handles. Keep your brakes inspected and in good working order.

I’m sure you can think of a few more. Let me know what you come up with.

Your Insurance Score

Your insurance score can play a big role in what kind of rates you get from your insurance company. There are several pieces that come into play when calculating your insurance score. Your accident history, how you make you payments on your current auto insurance plan, how many wrecks you’ve had, and even your credit… Continue Reading

CASA Reverse Raffle

        There will be a CASA Reverse Raffle on Saturday, July 27th, 2013, at the Lebanon Golf & Country Club located at 1300 Coles Ferry Pike in Lebanon, TN. I still have a few tickets available. They are $100 each and each ticket admits two for the event. Only 300 tickets will… Continue Reading