ATV Insurance Coverage

A lot of people around Wilson County – Lebanon, Mt Juliet, Watertown – own ATVs. And there is nothing more fun that hitting the local trails or riding on your farm for an afternoon of fun. But, as everyone knows, these vehicles can be very dangerous and anything can happen. That’s why you need to make sure you have insurance coverage on your ATV before off-road to hit the trails. Make sure you have enough insurance to cover both physical damage and liability claims.

The good news is that most policies covering your ATV will be less than your auto insurance. In some cases … a lot less. Just think about what it would cost to pay for damages to your ATV if it was damages in an accident. Consider what it would cost you if someone was injured as a result of riding on or driving your ATV.

Always check with your local agent and review your policy thoroughly so you know the details of your coverage. You don’t want any surprises down the road if you actually need to file a claim.

Just as with most other policies, for example boat insurance, your insurance policy will provide for physical damage to your ATV and for liability claims. Of course, the physical damage part of the coverage will take care of any physical damages to your ATV. The liability part will take care of any claims against you concerning bodily harm as a result of riding with you or driving your ATV. It will also usually cover any damages to personal property as a result of the negligent use of your ATV.

Generally, you can probably purchase additional options – trailer coverage, accessories, etc. and I highly recommend you purchase these also. Sometimes accessories and a trailer can be very expensive and difficult to replace. So make sure you’re covered.

Again, meet with your local insurance agent to check pricing on a policy that fits your needs. Make sure you understand every aspect of the policy. Don’t assume something is covered only to find out later that it’s not. Have your agent explain everything in detail so you understand every aspect of your policy.

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