Frequently Asked Questions

We want to provide all the information you need to make the right decision when it comes to your home, auto, life, and health insurance needs. This FAQ is meant to be a resource for you to get answers that will help you find the right insurance for your specific needs.

Auto Insurance Questions

1. Does my auto insurance cover my camper?
No. You will need to add your camper to your policy for physical damage.

2. What is a multi-car discount?
It is a discount on each car if there are multiple cars on the same policy.

3. What is multi-driver auto insurance?
It's a policy with more than one driver listed on the policy.

4. If I let someone drive my car, am I covered?
If you give permission for someone to drive you car, they will be coverage under that policy as a permissible driver.

5. Does my auto insurance cover a rental car?
It can. As long as you have full coverage on your auto, the coverage will transfer. There are geographic restrictions where you can take a rental car.

Home Insurance Questions

1. What is mortgage insurance?
It is a term that applies to life insurance coverage on the owners of the home that will pay off the mortgage or loan amount in case of their death.

2. Is my jewelry covered on my home owners policy?
It can be covered for a limited amount. If you have a certain piece that you want covered, you can add it on to the policy as a rider and you will have particular coverage for that one piece.

3. Do the contents of my home have replacement costs?
If it is a true replacement policy, there will be coverage to allow no depreciation on most contents.

4. If I use an out building for a business, does my home owners policy cover it?
No, you will have to take out commercial coverage for that particular building.

5. Is my 4-wheeler covered on my home owners policy?
It can be added to your farm owner's policy as long as it stays on the property and is used as farm use. Just to be safe, you will need to add to your auto policy.