Get In Shape!

Last year, I started sponsoring a racquetball league at the Jimmy Floyd Center in Lebanon. We have had a blast. Currently, we have around 20 people who participate, but we are always looking for other people who want to get a good workout playing racquetball. And you don’t have to be an ace player to participate in the league. Every skill level is welcome.

But this is about more than just getting in shape. Not only will you be more physically fit, you will be saving money.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. If playing racquetball will save me money, where do I sign up. And how does playing racquetball save money?

When you apply for health insurance, they look at your numbers. The insurance company will look at your height/weight ratio, your cholesterol LDL/HDL number, your blood pressure, and your overall health. The better shape you are in, the lower your health insurance premiums.

So here is the deal. Start playing racquetball, get in shape, have more energy, lower your numbers, and have some fun (lower your stress level.

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