Happy New Year







It’s that time of year again. Most people are enjoying a football game and time with their families. Some people are reflecting on what went wrong and what went right during the past year. Others are making plans for this year. Part of the planning for this year should be to review all your insurance policies. You home owners policy, auto insurance policy, and your life insurance policy all deserve your attention.

Do you have enough coverage on your home and the contents of your home? Do you need to document new purchases and get them added to your homeowners policy? These are just a couple of the questions you should be asking yourself concerning your homeowners policy.

Do have enough liability coverage on your current insurance policy? Are there any discounts you may not know about that your local agent could help you with? Has your car decreased in value enough that you may want to drop your collision coverage ad save a few dollars?

Do you have enough life insurance coverage (or do you even have life insurance)? Has something changed in your life or do you have additional assets that may warrant getting more life insurance?

Think about the answers to these questions, or any others you may think of, and call today at 615-453-9702 to schedule a free review of all your policies.

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