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Homeowners Insurance

Spring is in the air and the real estate market in Wilson County and the surrounding areas is booming. Warmer weather and sunshine seems to get people into a home shopping mode. And something that anyone who is considering buying a home needs to think about is purchasing their home insurance.

Almost everyone knows they need homeowners insurance when they purchase a new home. But some people purchasing a home (and some current homeowners) do not understand home owners insurance. In a nutshell, homeowners insurance provides for financial protection against disasters. If you have a basic policy, your home is insured along with the things in it. If you have a fire and lose everything, then the homeowners policy will probably take care of replacing the home and it’s contents.

But there are exceptions. For example, if you are a musician, you will need to purchase a separate policy on your guitars, amps, keyboards, etc. This is something a lot of people find out too late when they have a disaster, such as a tornado or a fire where they lose everything in the home. And it’s not only musical instruments. There are other items in your home that may not be covered under your home owners insurance policy. This is something you will need to discuss with your local insurance agent.

Actually, one of the first things you should do when you purchase a new home is to contact your local insurance agent to discuss the type home you are purchasing and get an overview of what your home owners policy will cover. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to protecting, for most people, your most valuable asset. And don’t assume that when you have a homeowners policy, everything is covered. There are exceptions, as outlined above, so don’t wait until you need the coverage to make the important decisions on your homeowners policy.

And it’s also important to sit down with your local insurance agent at least once a year to go over your policy to make sure you are protected. Property valuations change and you could have a few high-priced purchases since you purchased your policy. Make sure you are covered and don’t suffer a financial setback when disaster strikes.

ATV Insurance Coverage

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Winterize Your Home

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Your Local Insurance Agent

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Aggressive Driving

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Kid’s Captain Experience

For the 5th year, Farm Bureau Insurance is again the sponsor of the “Farm Bureau Insurance Kids Captain” at every Tennessee Titans home game. For each of the 10 home games, a winning child will be selected to participate in a truly “once in a lifetime” experience down on the field. He/she will walk out… Continue Reading

Purchasing Life Insurance For Your Child

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Your Contribution

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Are You Covered?

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Get In Shape!

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