What To Do In Case of an Auto Accident

Here are five things you need to keep in mind when you have an auto accident.

1.  You should keep your cool at all times. It’s easy to get upset and start blaming someone or getting in someone’s face after an accident. Don’t do it. Be careful what you say. Don’t incriminate your self or blame someone else for the accident. Wait until the proper authorities arrive to assess the situation.

2.  Make sure everyone is okay. It’s important to know as quickly as possible if there are any injuries.

3.  Call the police. You want to get help as soon as possible to get the cars moved out of the way of traffic and the most important thing is to get the proper help in case there is an injury to either party.

4.  Get the other driver’s insurance information and identification, such as name, phone number, email address, name of insurance company, etc. and give them yours.

5.  Contact your insurance company to let them know about the accident so you can get the claims process started as quickly as possible.

What are your thoughts on what you should do after an accident?

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